We build traditional
Danish oak frame
buildings called bulhuse.

Bulhuse – Traditional Danish type oak frame buildings.

The houses are completely made of high-quality oak of large dimensions using traditional construction solutions.

No metal is used except for door and window fittings where hand forged iron is used.

Bulhus 01

The houses are suitable as small cottages, garages and sheds.

Standard sizes are 4 by 6 and 4.8 by 9 meters. Larger sizes may be commissioned, however then the longitudinal members need to be spliced.

Several options for roofing are available such as handmade Danish roof tiles, thatched roof and chipboard roof.

The houses are not painted and will over time get a nice grey surface.

The houses have an expected life span of several hundred years with minimum maintenance.

Bulhus 02

For more information send an email to info@bulhuse.com.

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